Knowledge Changes Fate WuYi: a petite woman but has manliness. She also attaches great importance to knowledge. On Dec. 2006, when she visited GuangZhou University, XingHai Conservatory of music, GuangDong Foreign Language and Foreign Trade University and so on, she asked for summarizing the experience of Universities carefully and making contribution to the whole Country's cultural and educational career; more over, she encouraged University students to study hard and read widely. Just because she had paid great attention to knowledge and had wide knowledge, she was transferred to Ministry of Foreign Economy and Trade as vice- minister, negotiating with Carpenter who is a world- famous master of negotiation about intellectual property right between China and America. After making frontal engagement many times with WuYi, Carpenter gave WuYi a title of “iron lady”, which washer own title. There are also many good examples such as Gloria Arroyo, Tarja Halonen. So if someone wants to succeed, first she should acquire more knowledge. When Jane Eyre was published, it caused a sensation and the heroine Jane became famous overnight, even surpassed the author Charlotte Bronte's fame. Because Jane was different from the heroines of Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice and so on. Jane was only an ordinary woman who lived in the mid-19th century, She had an ordinary appearance and poor family, she had hard life and experiences; But she had unique character, noble nature, wisdom and charm. Besides, she won the love of Mr. Rochester and got the happy life. All of these are the result of the knowledge she got from the books and from Lowood Institution. In a word, reading has great meaning for Jane, and has greater immediate and far-reaching significance for the females today.。



China's Great Wall is known to the world as one of the seven great wonders of the world. It is located in North China. It is over 6000 kilometres in length and is 25 feet high in average. The ancient people started to built the wall in the 7th Century BC with earth,brick and stone, and joined it in the Qin Dynasty. The Great Wall was built in ancient China to keep out invaders, however, it is now regared as one of the most important tourist spots in our country or even in the whole world. Every year, it is visited by thousands of people from all over the world.


In the face of various and complicated requirements of employment market,some students begin to question the significance of learning basic knowledge and skills,just as what is exposed in the cartoon above.

However,it is absolutely wrong to hold that idea.Owing to the fact that we are living in a competitive society,the development of our society demands that we arm ourselves with basic skills and up-to-date knowledge so as to keep up with the pace of our society.An investigation shows that millions of people spend time and energy grasping skills and technology so that they can keep a favorable position in job market or enhance their opportunities.While focusing on creativity,innovation,management and leadership skills,we should never forget the fundamental importance of the more basic,essential skills.

4.一分钟英语演讲稿 关于社会知识 人际关系 自然的 谢谢 急需

Ladies and Gentlemen , Good afternoon! I'm very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. today my topic is “youth”. I hope you will like it , and found the importance in your youth so that more cherish it. First I want to ask you some questions: 1、Do you know what is youth? 2、How do you master your youth? Youth Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind ; it is not rosy cheeks , red lips and supple knees, it is a matter of the emotions : it is the freshness ; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life . Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity of the appetite , for adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of 60 more than a boy of 20 . Nobody grows old merely by a number of years . We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years wrinkle the skin , but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul . Worry , fear , self –distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust .。


With the fast development of our society, life-long learning has become very important for everyone. This is because one needs lo acquire new knowledge continuously in order to meet the needs of his work. There are several ways for one to learn life-long. One way is to take a part-time education program. That means, one is studying part time while he is working. The program could be at undergraduate level or graduate level. The second way is to study by yourself. You can learn whatever you need for your work on your own. You can learn from books, from TV programs or from radio. I think that life-long learning is very necessary to us. We can choose either of the two ways mentioned above, It depends on your personal preference and interest. I prefer the first one because this kind of learning is systematic and formal. With the help of the teachers, it is easier to learn and quicker to get what you need for your work. 翻译如下: 随着社会的快速发展,终身学习已成为对每个人来说都非常重要。








Imagination Is More Important Than Kowledge

A very good morning/afternoon to you all,everybody.My name is ***,I am *** years old,I have the honor to share my ideas about kowledge and imagination here,and my topic is Which is more important,knowledge or imagination?

Fellow students,hearing the topic,what do you think of it?And what's your views on it?Maybe you'll say,"Knowledge is certainly more important than imagination".Do you share the same view like that?That sounds reasonalbe,for without knowledge,without imgination.But I am sorry to tell you that I hold an opposite view on it.

Well,before expressing my view,I'd like to share a story of Newton,a well-known scientist from America.One day Newton was sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell off the tree and hit him on the head.Newton,who was clever and good at imagination,thought,"Why did the apple always fall down the ground and didn't flew to the sky? He used his brains that was full of imagination,thought and thought.Finally,he ahcieved a great discover which is called the gravity of the earth.

It was the great imagination that led to the great discover.If Newton hadn't have such imagination,he wouldn't have discoverd the gravity of the earth.From the story we know that imagination is more important that knowledge to some degree.As Chairman Mao said,"Wisdom comes from more thinking(多思出智慧)".It is imagination that brings about inventions and discover,it is imagination that enables people to overcome any difficulties,and it is imagination that promotes the development of the society.

Well,fellow students,use your great imagination and show your wisdom.

That's all,thank you.


First, relative to any kind of theory, it is a theory, practice is much, a theory of multiple practice can be effective. Conversely, relative to a practice speaking, practice is a, a theory is much, a practice must involve multiple theory. The theory and practice of the relationship is a two-way interweave a much relationship, not a single theory dominated the relationship. PracticeSecond, 。51 yuanchuang。com。is theory will "clear", will be logical to test, then, will strive to public a universally, with will "with". Is the practice will "want to complete", cannot RenSiLi - as long as a and rejects the rest, will consider all the comprehensive factors and play to steal their long, the integrated optimization thing itself, will "and different". Neither with practical way theory, also cannot use up the theory of practice, to make division of way and complementary.

Third, the theory or practice or are personnel, are people have to do, is people just can do. But person is limited, as is limited, the person is in the beings of cognised behavior, where it came from, would have to go back to where go to, so can't forgotten foundation, must forever "what spirit and" destiny "consciousness, and the theory and practice in the final as the benchmark.





Frist aid

It is important for you to learn some knowledge about first aid in your daily life. If a person has an accident, he needs medical care before a doctor can be found. When you give first aid, you must pay attention to three things. First, when a person stops breathing, open his/her mouth and see if there is food at the bulk of his/her mouth. Second, if a person cannot breathe, do you best to start his/her breathing

急救 在日常生活中,学习一些急救知识,对一个人来说很重要。假如一个人发生车祸,在医生到来之前,需要对他进行医疗护理,做急救时,应注意以下二点。首先,如果他停止了呼吸,掰开他的嘴巴看看喉咙口有无食物。其次,假如他不能呼吸,就采取人工呼吸的方法,尽快使他开始呼吸。再其次,如果他伤的很重,应立即止血,然后送往医院。如果他失血过多,达三分之一,那么他有可能会死。 许多意外事件也有可能在家里发生。因此,家长们应掌握一些急救常识,以便应付一些发生在孩子身上的事件。假如孩子被动物咬伤,先用自来水冲洗伤口,然后送去看医生。如果孩子被烫伤,先用自来水冲洗,降温,然后用一块干净的干布盖住伤口。假如烫伤很严重,应去看医生。如果割伤了手指,应先将伤口处理干净,然后用一块纸包扎伤口。人人都应学习急救知识,这样才能救其他人的性命。


but they can reflect the importance of first aid, we help her with cold water Kurashiki forehead, when we encountered such an accident, she just had. Although it is a trivial matter, we need to know first aid. Students recall another bloody noseThere are many accidents in life。


希望可以帮到你,方便你更好的理解,也顺便附上相关的译文,要记得采纳哦Frist aidIt is important for you to learn some knowledge about first aid in your daily life. If a person has an accident, he needs medical care before a doctor can be found. When you give first aid, you must pay attention to three things. First, when a person stops breathing, open his/her mouth and see if there is food at the bulk of his/her mouth. Second, if a person cannot breathe, do you best to start his/her breathing 急救 在日常生活中,学习一些急救知识,对一个人来说很重要。



如果他失血过多,达三分之一,那么他有可能会死。 许多意外事件也有可能在家里发生。





There are many accidents in life, when we encountered such an accident, we need to know first aid. Students recall another bloody nose, we help her with cold water Kurashiki forehead, she just had. Although it is a trivial matter, but they can reflect the importance of 尝肠佰段脂灯拌犬饱华first aid.。


How to Study English Well? 怎样学好英语?

We all know that English is very useful. Many people in the world speak English. So more and more people in China study it.

How to study English well? I think we must have a good way to study English. If you want to learn English well, listening, speaking, reading and writing are important. You should listen to tapes every day. You should often speak English with your teachers and friends. You should read English every morning. And, you had better keep a diary every day. In this way, you can study English well.





1, early phase ligation. The queen is bitten by the snake , should use soft rope or latex to be in charge of immediately (suggest carrying about with one), in exceeding a arthrosis ligation above the wound, the ligation action is prompter than, 2 5 minutes are completed best behind biting ", to inspect with the sort as long as internal energy when does other treatment hour no longer in one two after finishing binding a wound the hospital's , can". 2, washes a wound. The ligation queen , Shimizu available , cold boiled water , cold boiled water add salt or soap-suds washes a wound, if liquid irrigation is much better with hydrogen peroxide solutions , 1:500 purple salt. 3, knife thorn arranges poison. In handling the day afer tomorrow course irrigation,the clean good tool (suggest that preparing a several piece of knife blade within open country first-aid case) applying pricks a wound , exposes on the simultaneous skin in wound vicinity, if the number of rice grain big or small gets along. Or, with the tooth, does trace do "for the centre? The type cuts ? } " apart. Be inadvisable to stab with a dagger very deep when with the knife, to avoid that the wound reaches a blood vessel. In being able to a wound be soaked in cold brine conditionally, from going ahead but going to the fields to the wound squeezing 20 minutes or so , using venom snapout. Also, can use to take drugs directly, but must pay attention to safety , sucking as well as vomiting, use Shimizu to gargle every time, Dr. Chen warns of especially saying: Can not use to take drugs then "if the mouth inner has the ulcer or decayed tooth,that the sticky film loses a place because of the venom passes an oral cavity is able to enter blood circulation very quickly.。


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本文主要为您介绍知识能力素质的要求,内容包括什么是知识能力和素质,什么是知识能力和素质,不同工作岗位的知识能力及素养要求。"知识能力" 在学术文献中的解释所谓知识能力,是指知识、智能、技能和实践及创新能力等.知识是人的认识能力的体现




本文主要为您介绍英语的春节知识文章,内容包括关于春节的英语文章,有关于春节的英文知识,关于新年的英语文章。第一篇 Prepare for the Chinese New Year Its about one and a half mon












本文主要为您介绍乙醇消毒的相关知识,内容包括酒精消毒液的作用及注意事项,乙醇的杀菌,乙醇怎样进行消毒。通用名称:乙醇消毒液商品名称:乙醇消毒液(酒精75%)【主要成份】 本品是以乙醇为主要成分的消毒液。【性 状】 无色透明液体。【适应症/








本文主要为您介绍证券公司需要了解的知识,内容包括证券公司工作需要懂什么知识,要进入证券公司,需要了解哪些知识,如果要在证券公司工作,需要掌握哪些知识?。只要你有这个决心,完全可以实现梦想。 首先,找寻缘故市场,然后转介绍。你会发现你的




本文主要为您介绍花样滑冰的专业知识普及,内容包括花样滑冰专业知识,花样滑冰专业知识,花样滑冰技术和知识。首先要了解滑冰三大块:跳跃 旋转 步伐。然后一定要有看刃的意识,因为所有的动作都是以“刃”为基础的,而不是单纯看上半身的动作。看